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MEZARKABUL - Unspoken (2001)

Country: TURKEY
Genre: Power/Thrash
Murat İlkan - Vocals (1995 - present) Hakan Utangaç - Guitar (1986 - present) Metin Türkcan - Guitar (2000 - present) Tarkan Gözübüyük - Bass (1987 - present) Cenk Ünnü - Drums (1986 - present)
Pentagram (Mezarkabul outside Turkey) is a Turkish heavy metal/power metal band composed of Murat İlkan (vocals), Hakan Utangaç, Metin Türkcan, Tarkan Gözübüyük, and Cenk Ünnü. It's noted to include some Oriental arrengements into their Power Metal sound, being they generally played by the guitars or sang by voice.
Pentagram was formed in İstanbul in 1986 by guitarist Hakan Utangaç and drummer Cenk Ünnü. By 1987, bassist Tarkan Gözübüyük had joined and they started doing live shows. Their first release came in 1990, with their self-titled Pentagram album. By 1992, a second guitarist Demir Demirkan and vocalist Ogün Sanlısoy were added to the line-up. They released their sophomore album Trail Blazer in the same year and enjoyed a now rapidly-growing fanbase - both in Turkey and worldwide. In 1993, while he was serving the Turkish Army, the first guitarist of the band, Ümit Yılbar, was killed in a battle against terrorists on Mountain Cıraf. For the next three years, the band toured in their homeland and over the world. In 1995, vocalist Murat İlkan replaced Ogün, and they started working on their next album, Anatolia. Anatolia was released in Turkey in 1997, and several weeks after the release, Century Media approached Pentagram for a worldwide release. Anatolia was a very strong album; the band's powerful emotions concerning war, modern-life ignorism and other world issues were fully exposed with Anatolia, from its booklet (showing photographs of children murdered by the PKK terrorist organization) to its lyrics. Pentagram describes the song A Thousand in the Eastland, which is featured in the album, as a requiem for the "thousands of people dying in the East, all ignored in the West, where one death becomes a tragedy". They released a live album in 1998 called Popçular Dışarı (literally Pop musicians out). Guitarist Demir Demirkan departed, and was temporarily replaced with Onur "Mr. Cat" Pamukçu. The band started recording their next album in 2000 in their own studio in Istanbul. Guitarist Metin Türkcan officially joined the band during the recording session. They composed 17 songs, and decided to split it up into two different CDs. In 2001, Unspoken was released worldwide. Bir (One) was released in Turkey only in 2002. For their releases in Turkey, they use the name Pentagram. However, due to an American doom metal band called Pentagram, they go by the name Mezarkabul (literally Acceptance To Grave) for international releases. Pentagram is often considered to be the pioneers of heavy metal in Turkey. Their work has inspired all forms of rock music, and helped it to gain popularity in Turkey. They were known to collaborate with the late vocalist of Vitamin, Gökhan Semiz, and Vitamin itself. Also, Tarkan Gözübüyük has worked with numerous artists and bands, producing, arranging and sometimes performing. For example, Mor ve Ötesi's (litterally Purple and Beyond) groundbreaking album Dünya Yalan Söylüyor (litterally The World is Lying) had Gözübüyük as its producer. [1] Other than contributions to rock music, Pentagram members continued to contribute to popular music as well. Demir Demirkan, as he pursued his solo career, wrote the lyrics and produced the first Turkish song ever to win the Eurovision song contest. Tuna Kiremitçi, award-winning writer who currently works for the Vatan newspaper, wrote an article about the band, praising their contributions.
Offical Website:
01- We Come From Nowhere
02- In Esir Like An Eagle
03- Unspoken
04- Lions In A Cage
05- Mezarkabul
06- Take My Time
07- Pain
08- Puratu
09- For The One Unchanging
10- This Too Will Pass
11- For Those Who Died Alone
Password: Malkavian
"You can listen their song from album [Unspoken] 'Pain' and 'Lions in Cage' with Mp3 Flashbar in right!


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