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CROSSFIRE -Aggression Treaty (2005)

Aggression Treaty March 18th 2005
Country: TURKEY Genre: Power/Thrash
1- Aggression Treaty
2- Slaves
3- Eternal Lies (NonServiam)
4- Dream Within A Dream
5- Nightwolf
6- Inner Conflict
7- Gate (inst.)
8- The Forsaken
9- ...And DarknessFallin'
10-Under Siege
13-Don't Fool Me
Crossfire was formed by guitarist Kaya Sevinc in 1999 spending 3 years to constrain it's original line up and it's sound which has slowly emerged as one of the greatest hope for Heavy Metal in Turkey. Crossfire honed their sound by combining power and thrash metal with the classical metal approach. Their 2002 Decisions of Hate demo was an underground favorite that lead them to hit the road for a massive gig including 2003 Metal Bash Fest in Hamburg Germany. The band's performance in Germany resulted as joining “The Revivalry - A Tribute To Running Wild” released by Remedy Records in 2005 with Beggars' Night. The band released their debut album "Aggression Treaty" with a magnificient gala, hailing the 90th anniversary of the 'Canakkale Victory of Turkish Independence War' with many foreign and Turkish fans on the 18th of March 2005, Canakkale. In 2005 after the Besli Brothers had left the band, Crossfire decided to continue their vision for more creative and multi-faceted metal sound with the new line-Up Kaya Sevinc, Ugur Aksoy, Kemal Sozer and Cem Saydam. During the festivals in 2005 sometimes under the headliners Slayer ,Manowar, In Flames, Doro, Overkill, sometimes as the headliner itself the band have pleased the ear of thousands of metal fans and at the same time have solidified their place in the realm of modern metal's elite hierarchy in Turkey.
Password: Malkavian
You Can Listen Song named "Eternal Lies(Non Serviam)" with Mp3 Flashbar in Right !

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