Thursday, May 10

MEZARKABUL - Anatolia (1997)

Country: TURKEY Genre: Power/Thrash
Anatolia is an album released in 1997 by the Turkish heavy metal band Mezarkabul.Most of the lyrics of the songs in the album are in English and all of the songs are composed by Mezarkabul except the "Gündüz Gece" cover, which is originally composed by Aşık Veysel Şatıroğlu.
01- Anatolia (English Versiyon)
02- 1000 In The Eastland
03- Dark Is The Sunlight
04- Gündüz Gece
05- Stand To Fall
06- Give Me Something To Kill The Pain
07- Welcome The End
08- Anatolia (Turkish Versiyon)
09- On The Run
10- Time
11- Behind The Veil
12- Fall of A Hero
13- Sonsuz


THRASHER said...

Thank you very much man. What a great sound??? This band is playing great, but you said; they are the thrash band but they seems like Doom... Right?

Anonymous said...

I've heard this album too many times but i never listen. Thnx dude, great post.