Thursday, May 10

MEZARKABUL - Pentagram (1990)

Country: TURKEY Genre: Speed Thrash Hakan Utangaç - Guitar, vocals Murat Net - Lead guitar (left the band after this album) Tarkan Gözübüyük - Bass Cenk Ünnü - Drums Güven Araz - Keyboards (only in the 1st song) Pentagram is the first album of the Turkish heavy metal band Mezarkabul.The album was put on the market in 1990 by the producer Nezih Kılıçkını and Nepa Music Production; and it was released as a compact cassette. The lyrics of the songs are in English. The name of the seventh track of the album, Powerstage, is also the name of the group's fanclub. 01- Rotten Dogs (Intro by Wreck) 02- Mephistopheles 03- Metal Not Dead 04- Astharoth 05- Bloody Guillotine 06- Powerstage 07- Dimensions of Death 08- Pentagram 09- Deceptive Bells 10- Los Magandos Download: Password : Malkavian This is the one of my favoriette albums. You can listen their song named "Dimensions of Death" with Mp3 Player in right.

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Speedica said...

Speedica here! Oh my god Why they changed their stytle? This album was Excellent for me.
I did not hear a sound like this!
Great post,thnx. Greetings!