Wednesday, June 17

CRYPTOPSY - Live at the Trois-Rivieres (Full DVD)

Cryptopsy DVD (DVD 5)
Trois-Rivières MetalFest IV
-Intro-Crown of Horns
-Slit your Guts
-Graves of the Fathers
-Dead and Dripping
-Benedictine Convulsions
-Orgiastic Disembowelment
-Drum Solo
-Cold Hate, Warm Blood
-We Bleed
-Back to the Worms
Technical details:
DVD-videoZone:0 (All regions)
NTSC format only
69 minutes
*Make sure that your DVD player can read the NTSC format if you live outside of the USA, Canada or Japan. PAL DVD players capable of playing DVD-R discs should be able to play NTSC DVDs if connected on a fairly new TV (built since 1995).Also, a journal detailing the “Back to the Worm” U.S. Tour 2005 will soon be available for perusal.