Tuesday, February 5

SLAUGHTER LORD - Thrash 'till Death '86-'87 (1998)

Country: Australia (Sydney)
Genre: Thrash SLAUGHTER LORD was a four piece outfit hailing from Sydney, Australia. The band was formed in May 1985 under the name of ONSLAUGHT, until the British Thrashers of the same name released their debut album. The band then decided to change the name to DEVASTATOR, but the members all agreed that a more original and better suited name was in order. After weeks of thought the name SLAUGHTER LORD was felt to be the most appropriate title for the band. The band began their quest to place Australia on the map of the Thrash Metal world as five-piece outfit. Various line-up changes were in order to create the ultimate killing machine! The band then played a number of smaller gigs to develop their own brand of aggressive stage presentation. The first major public performance was supporting two already established Australian acts, on February 15th 1986. The manic crowd of over 1.000 bangers , who bled, sweated and went berserk through an hour of merciless thrashing, the first of its kind ever seen in Australia! Soon after this the original vocalist was replaced by another (Claws Mayhem!), thought to be better suited to the style of the band. But after only a few rehearsals and numerous musical disagreements, the original vocalist was asked to rejoin. But there was still more line up changes to come. Guitarist, Sandy Vahdanni left the band due to musical differences. He was replaced a month later by Anton Vazquez. After a few weeks later due to lack of dedication on behalf of the singer, the vocals were taken over by bass guitarist Tony Noel, thus creating the most desired combination, of total dedication and unity. Four members thinking and playing as one. In 1998, Hughes released the "Thrash 'til Death" CD, a compilation of demo tracks and other recorded releases from Slaughter LordThey're only ambition to kill.
1. Destructor 04:04 2. Slaughter Lord 05:00 3. Die By Power 03:36 4. Taste Of Blood 03:13 5. Legion 05:48 6. Slaughtered Corpse 03:33 7. Onslaught 04:12 8. Steel Lords Of War 06:58 9. Cryptic Terror 04:14 Total playing time 40:38
Pass: Malkavian


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link of this cds http://www.megaupload.com/?d=00PM793R