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WARFARE - Pure Filth (1984)

Country: England
Genre: Punk/Thrash
PAUL EVO (1984-1991) Drums & vocals
J.J. DUNN (1990-1991) Guitars
ZLAUGHTER (1986-1991) Bass
GUNNER (1984-1990) Guitars
FALKEN (1984-1985) Bass
LAZER (1990) Keyboards
This is the one of my fave albums... Real Old School !!!
In 1984 the singer-drummer Paul Evo, the guitarist Gunner and the bassist Falken decided to start a project called WARFARE . The sound of the group is often compared with a mix Motörhead, Tank, and particularly Venom, but in a more punk way. Signed by Neat Records, in the same year they produced their debut Pure filth , produced by Algy Ward from Tank with the presence of Mantas from Venom as guitarist on the track "Rose petals fall from her face". After the release of the EP Total death , in 1985 they produced one of their famous act: Metal anarchy, produced also by Lemmy and feature guitars part by Wurzel, both from Motörhead. After this album, bassist Falken was replaced by Zlaughter, for the publication of the new band's act called Mayhem, fuckin' mayhem in 1986, with Cronos from Venom as producer. In 1988 it's time for A conflict of hatred which introduced Lazer as keyboard player. The guests were Mantas from Venom, Marti Craggs of Lindisfarne and Irene Hume from Prelude. After the split with Neat Records, they joined with Film Music, and recorde in 1990 an album based on horror movies themes, named Hammer Horror album. 1992's Crescendo of reflexions released by Kraze Records, it's a re-working of some band's best known songs from their early albums, played by Evo, guitarist J.J. (actually Mantas) of Venom, and bassist Zlaughter. In 1993 and in 2002 were poublished two "best of" compilations.
01. Warning
02. Total Armageddon
03. This Machine Kills
04. Let The Show Go On
05. Breakout
06. Burn The Kings Road
07. New Age Of Total Warfare
08. Collision / Rabid Metal
09. Dance Of The Dead
10. Limit Crescendo
11. Rose Petals Fall From Her Face
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