Sunday, September 9

EVIL DEAD - Annihilation Of Civilization (1989)

Country: LA/Cal/USA
Genre: Thrash/Hard Core
1.Fci The Awakening - (studio) 2.Annihilation Of Civilizat - (studio) 3.Living Good - (studio) 4.Future Shock - (studio) 5.Holy Trials - (studio) 6.Gone Shooting - (studio) 7.Parricide - (studio) 8.Unauthorized Exploitation - (studio) 9.Bohica - (studio)
+3 Bonus Tracks
320 Kbps
Pass: Malkavian


Anonymous said...

wrong pass

Malkavian said...

Really? I can't Believe !!! Plzz try again with closed "caps lock" : Malkavian is the true pass.

Anonymous said...

great underrated band, nice post! thx

Anonymous said...

Man, really fucking great stuff, pure and true Thrash, straight from the 80s :P LOVE IT!!
And password is right, but it hasto be written exactly how it is, so u should copy+paste it, not type.