Thursday, May 3

DETONATION-Portals to Uphobia(2005)

Full-length, Osmose Productions

September 12th, 2005
Melodic Death Metal
Netherlands (Utrecht)
Current line-up:
Koen Romeijn - Guitar, Vocals (M-90's, Engorge (Hol), Cardamon)
Mike Ferguson - Guitar (M-90's, Kutschurft (as Dr. Zmegma)
Otto Schimmelpenninck - Bass
Thomas Kalksma - Drums (Cardamon)
1. Into Sulphur I Descend 05:13
2. Portals to Uphobia 03:07
3. Structural Deceit 04:44
4. Chaos Banished 03:59
5. End of Sight, End of Fears 04:40
6. Lost Euphoria part III 03:51
7. The Loss of Motion Control 04:31
8. Solitude Reflected 05:01
9. Beyond the Margin 04:01
10. The Source to Delve 04:44
Total playing time 43:50

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