Sunday, May 9

KREATOR - Live in Istanbul 2003 (Full DVD 5)

KREATOR Rock The Nation Fest. TURKEY/Istanbul June 29, 2003 Pro-Shot DVD (By Malkavian) Multi-Shot Camera Menu : YES Chapters : YES Size : 1,40 GB Pass : Malkavian Tracklist : 1. Violent Revolution 2. Devian Art 3. Extreme Agression 4. People Of The Lie 5. All Of The Same Blood 6. Phobia 7. Pleasure To Kill 8. Renewal 9. King in Hell 10. Terrible Certainty 11. Song 12. Betrayer 13. Flag Of Hate 14. Tormentor Links Are including LARGE and CLEAR COVER ! Download CCF Download TEXT

Wednesday, April 28

VENOM - 7th Date Of Hell (Full DVD5)

Re-released September 29, 2009 on DVD in special deluxe edition together with the Black Metal album on Sanctuary/Universal. Tracklist : 1. Leave Me in Hell 2. Countess Bathory 3. Die Hard 4. 7 Gates of Hell 5. Buried Alive 6. Don't Burn the Witch 7. In Nomine Satanus 8. Welcome to Hell 9. Warhead 10. Stand Up and Be Counted 11. Bloodlust Bonus Videos : 1. Bloodlust 2. Nightmare 3. Witching Hour Download CCF
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Tuesday, April 27

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Slaughtering... (2xFull DVD5)

FIRST TIME IN THE BLOGS ALL OVER THE WORLD ! Massacre Records released Legion of the damned's new release entitled "Slaughtering..." on April 23rd 2010. Its a Double DVD + Live CD. Cover design by Ken Kelly (Kiss, Manowar, Conan) Total playing time of 381 Minutes Content ( 16:9 Widescreen / PAL ) DVD 1 "SLAUGHTERING..." Total playing time 146 minutes Summerbreeze Open Air 2009 -Intro / Death's head march / Son of the jackal / Slaughtering the pigs / Cult of the dead / House of possession / Diabolist / Bleed for me / Pray and suffer / The final godsend / Werewolf corpse / Legion of the damned Thrash Assault Festival IV 2009 -Intro / Death's head march / Slaughtering the pigs / Into the eye of the storm / Cult of the dead / Diaboiist / Disturbing the dead / Bleed for me / Pray and suffer / The final godsend / Undead stillborn / Legion of the damned / Necrosophic blessing / Werewolf corpse Fanday report 21st of November 2009 -Legion of the damned invited 13 fans all over Europe to spend an entire day with them: jamming in their rehearsalroom, diner and an entertainment evening DVD 2 "SLAUGHTERING..." Total playing time 163 minutes Party San Open Air Festival 2008 - Intro / Slaughtering the pigs / Death's head march / Nuclear torment / Malevolent rapture / Son of the jackal / Disturbing the dead / Werewolf corpse / Into the eye of the storm / Legion of the damned / Bleed for me / Diabolist -Report-Turkey, Unirock Festival 2009 -Report-Portugal Metal GD Festival June 2009 -Report-Full of hate tour 2009 w/Amon Amarth/Obituary -Report-Studio Stage One recording "Cult of the dead" -Report-Toneshed Recording Studio mixing for the DVD -Metalcamp recorded track "Slaughtering the pigs" -Graspop recorded track "Death's head march" -Official DVD Trailer -Unofficial videoclip "Disturbing the dead" (with comments from Maurice Swinkels) -Official videoclip "Bleed for me" (with comments from Maurice Swinkels) -Official videoclip "Sepulchral ghoul" (with comments from Maurice Swinkels) -Official videoclip "Disturbing the dead" (with comments from Maurice Swinkels) -Official videoclip "Cult of the dead" (with comments from Maurice Swinkels) Download Links (Quote)

Monday, April 12

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Live at the Olympic Auditorium (Full DVD5)

Origin : Venice, California, United States Genres : Crossover thrash, Thrash metal, Hardcore punk Years active : 1981–1995 1997–present Line Up : Mike Muir – vocals (1981–present) Mike Clark – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1987–present) Dean Pleasants – lead guitar (1997–present) Steve Brunner – bass (2002–present) Eric Moore – drums (2008–present) Since their beginnings in Venice, California in the early '80s, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES have led the charge in the skate punk/thrash metal movement, consequently influencing an entire generation of bands along the way. Fontana Distribution has announced "Live At The Olympic Auditorium", SUICIDAL TENDENCIES' first-ever DVD release. The DVD will street January 26, 2010 via the band's own imprint, Suicidal Records. The approximately 80-minute DVD features 16 tracks, including ST classics "Institutionalized", "War Inside My Head" and "Possessed To Skate" and captures the band in their most natural environment: onstage, uncensored and ready to tear you to shreds. Commented SUICIDAL TENDENCIES founding vocalist Mike Muir: "The band started getting emails from some crazy guy that always said, 'I know you'll probably think I'm crazy, but I'm not. I'm wanna book ST for a show and I got this idea...'. Well, one by one we shot down the 'unique' ideas until one time he emailed and said the Olympic Auditorium was being bought by a Korean church. Shouldn't it be sent off with a special last gig? The band agreed and then the work began. The promoter — Evel Dick Donato who went on to win Big Brother — tells a bit about the show, making of etc. on the intro. Lots of drama, none more than the day before the show when I woke up and couldn't walk. But the show must go on and the back surgery would have to wait till afterwards. SUICIDAL recorded live at the Olympic Auditorium in front of 4,000 Cycos... but now you can enjoy it in the safety of your living room." Tracklist : 01. Intro 02. I Shot Reagan 03. War Inside My Head 04. Subliminal 05. Ain't Gonna Take It 06. Suicidal Failure 07. We Are Family 08. Possessed To Skate 09. I Saw Your Mommy 10. Waking The Dead 11. Show Some Love...Tear It Down! 12. Cyco Vision 13. Two-Sided Politics 14. Won't Fall In Love Today 15. Institutionalized 16. Pledge Your Allegiance SUICIDAL TENDENCIES in January released a video for the band's new single, "Come Alive". Muir told the Great Falls Tribune about the song's lyrical content, "There's a lot of people ... their heart's beating and they've got brain waves, but they're not livin.' It's about taking control and standing up and realizing that you're always gonna have an excuse to sit back and wait and see what happens. You've gotta take control. I've gotta take control. I don't want someone else to have that control, and I'll do my best to fight to keep them from having it." "Come Alive" is included on "Year Of The Cycos", the first album from the SUICIDAL crew featuring all-new tracks from the "cycos." The CD is available from ST's "Suicyco Street Team" web site. Drummer Dave Hildago Jr. played his last show with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES in September 2008 at the We The People festival in Los Angeles. His full-time replacement is Eric Moore, who previously played with the long-running SUICIDAL side project INFECTIOUS GROOVES. According to the group, "Eric has an unbelievable mixture of power and finesse and the band is extra excited about the upcoming tours."
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Monday, February 22

GWAR - Ultimate Video Gwarchive (Full DVD5)

Release Year : 2002
Genre: Thrash , Punk
Lenght: 90 min
Format: Full DVD
Menu: Yes
Extras: Yes
Cover: In Downloaded Files
Password: Malkavian
This is collection of almost all of Gwar's videos up the "Violence Has Arrived" Album.
The Only ones not included are the Hell-O bonus track version of Black&Huge, and SFW.
The Cover art designed by Chris Bopst, who played the original BalSac on bass guitar
from 1985-1987.
01. Immortal Corruptor
02. Nitro Burning Funny Bong
03. Fucking An Animal
04. Don't Need A Man
05. Penguin Attack
06. Surf On Syn
07. Meat Sandwich
08. Saddam A Go-Go
09. Jack The World
10. The Insidious Soliloquy Of Skulhedface
11. Have You Seen Me?
12. Crack in the Egg
13. Gor-Gor
14. The Road Behind
15. Sick Of You
16. Cool Place To Park
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GWAR - Blood Bath And Beyond
GWAR - Ultimate Video Gwarchive

Thursday, January 7

OBITUARY - Live Xecution-Party.San 2008 (FullDVD5)

"Live Xecution - Party.San 2008", the new concert DVD from Florida death metal Living Legend OBITUARY, will receive a U.S. release in January 2010 via Regain. The footage for the disc was filmed at last year's Party.San Open Air festival, which was held August 7-9, 2008 in Bad Berka, Germany. Commented bassist Frank Watkins: "We did over 30 festivals last [year] and the Party.San festival was the very last and best one for OBITUARY... Fortunately, the show was filmed."
The track listing is as follows:
01. Find The Arise
02. On The Floor
03. Chopped In Half
04. Turned Inside Out
05. Forces Realign
06. Insane
07. Face Your God
08. Dethroned Emperor
09. Evil Ways
10. Drop Dead
11. Contrast The Dead
12. Second Chance
13. Stand Alone
14. Slow Death
15. Slowly We Rot
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Sunday, December 27

HIRAX - Thrash And Destroy (Full DVD5)

Following the 2007 releases of the "Assassins Of War" and "Chaos And Brutality" Eps, the Long Beach thrashers unveil their brand-new DVD, "Thrash And Destroy." The DVD features the band's entire 75-minute performance at the Keep It True Festival IX on November 3, 2007, in Dittigheim, Germany, a raw, kick ass show to a sold-out audience. Never before seen live footage: fists flying, stage diving, heads banging! Six in-your-face professional camera angles—the closest you can get to seeing the band live without being there—an up-close, personal look at one of the all-time most legendary thrash metal bands, with high-quality digital sound. More than that, the DVD disc includes a 12-song bonus set recorded live at the Metal Forces Night on September 29, 2007, in Lorrach, Germany. More than that a bonus audio CD with complete 75-minute performance has been included to the package! The artwork has been drawn by U.S.A: Bill Hauser (Ozzy Osbourne, Brody's Militia, F.K.U., Anti Seen, Toxic Holocaust, etc.) EUROPE: Rafal Wechterowicz (Iron Maiden, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God, Terror, etc.). The DVD is NTSC and Region 0.
Menu : Yes
Bonus : Yes
Live At Keep It True Festival In Germany, November 3rd,2007
- El Dia De Los Muertos (Intro)
- 100,000 Strong
- Lucifer's Infierno
- Blind Faith
- The New Age Of Terror
- Chaos And Brutality
- Hate, Fear And Power
- Hostile Territory
- Destroy
- Broken Neck
- Bombs Of Death
- El Diablo Negro
- Barrage Of Noise
- Walk With Death
- The Plague
- Mouth Sewn Shut
- Assassins Of War (Encored)
- Unleash The Dogs Of War
Bonus :
Live at Metal Forces Night in Germany, September 29th 2007
- The New Age Of Terror
- Chaos And Brutality
- Hate, Fear And Power
- Hostile Territory
- Destroy
- Broken Neck
- Demons Evil Forces
- El Diablo Negro
- Barrage Of Noise
- Walk With Death
- The Plague
- Bombs Of Death
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Wednesday, November 11


Hi All Metalheads !
I am Looking For These DVDs with FULL DVD Format
and waiting your help !
Anyone have these DVDS of These Bands ?
Million Thnx From Now !
1. D.R.I. - Live At The Ritz
2. D.R.I. - Live At CBGB'S
3. GWAR - Phallus In Wonderland
4. HIRAX - Thrash 'Till Death
5. LEGION OF THE DAMNED-Malevolent Rapture (Bonus)
6. THE GREAT KAT - Extreme Guitar Shred

Wednesday, October 28

MALEVOLENT CREATION - Lost Commandments (Full DVD5)

Party San '07 -Eve Of The Apocalypse -Multiple Stab Wounds -Coronation Of Our Domain -Monster -Slaughter Of Innocence -Manic Demise -Infernal Demise -Living in Fear -Blood Brothers -The Will To Kill -Malevolent Creation -Behind the Scenes
Paris '04 -Death March -Preempty Strike -The Will To Kill -Captured -Blood Brothers -Kill Zone -Monster -To Die is at Hand -Multiple Stab Wounds -Infernal Desire -Living in Fear
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Friday, September 18

DIO - We Rock (Full DVD5)

Quality: DVD5
Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio code: AC3
Video: NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR ,
NTSC 16:9 (720x480) VBR,
Auto LetterboxedAudio: English (LinearPCM, 2 ch) , English (Dolby AC3, 6 ch)
Play Length: 01:33:52
Size: 4.37 Gb
DIO at The Spectrum, Philadelphia
1. Don't Talk To Strangers
2. Mystery
3. Egypt / Drum Solo / Heaven & Hell / Guitar solo / Heaven & Hell
4. Last In Line
5. Rainbow In the Dark
6. Mob Rules
7. We Rock
DIO in Utrecht, Holland
1. Stand Up & Shout
2. Straight Through The Heart
3. Shame On The Night
4. Children Of The Sea
5. Holy Diver6. Rainbow In The Dark
7. Don't Talk To Strangers
Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
Vinny Appice - Drums
Jimmy Bain - Bass
Vivian Campbell - Guitar
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Friday, August 21

PENTAGRAM a.k.a MEZARKABUL (Tur) - 1987 (Full DVD9)

Here is Some Screens :

Genre : Heavy, Power, Thrash
Tracklist :
1. Gordion Knot
2. In Esir Like An Eagle
3. Unspoken
4. Şeytan Bunun Neresinde
5. No One Wins The Fight
6. This Will Too Pass
7. 1000 In The Eastland
8. For The One Unchanging
9. Vita Es Morte
10. Anatolia
11. Powerstage
12. Rotten Dogs
13. Bu Alemi Gören Sensin
14. Dark is the Sunlight
15. Take My Time
16. Ölümlü
17. Give Me Something To Kill The Pain
18. Secret Missile
19. Tigris
20. Bir
21. Lions in a Cage
22. Behind The Veil
23. Gündüz Gece
24. For Those Who Died Alone
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