Thursday, May 3

IMPERANON - Stained (2004)

Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Death Female vocals in "Shadowsouls" by Leonna Aho
1. Blade 03:41
2. Memories To Dust 03:40
3. Stained 04:25
4. Prisoner In Me 04:30
5. Sold 03:40
6. Hollow Man 04:39
7. Rhythm Of Pain 03:15
8. Shadowsouls 03:25
9. Vein (I Bleed) 03:41
10. The End 03:29
11. Jos Jotain Yrittää (Harva Meistä On Rautaa)


darkju said...

muchas gracias por el disco amigo, pero olvido colocar el pass del rar.

Thanks for album friend, but you dont put rar pass.

Malkavian said...

Sorry DARKJU, please try to this Pass:

Hope this is right pass:) Take Care!

Anonymous said...

gracias por el aporte metal world.un saludo desde mexico.

Lionel "Hateweaver" Ulloa said...

Absolutely a Jewel lost of the pronged crown of the crossover heyday.

I would like the Money Talks album.
I have it on Lp version.